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What kind of dancewear and dance shoes could I donate?

We accept all kinds of dancewear and dance shoes from popular dance genres (eg latin, ballroom hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, tap etc). Even tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts are great for dance practice!

Who gets my donations?

Although we are Cape Town based, Donations are distributed to dancers from dance organisations from historically disadvantaged communities across South Africa. We receive these requests and motivations via our website. All dancewear donation requests received are recorded and managed in chronological (date) order and then matched with donations received accordingly. 

How do I donate my previously-loved dancewear or dance shoes?

1. Securely wrap, protect & bundle your gently-worn dance items into 1 donation parcel of no more than 20kgs. Collections are done Mon-Fri.

2. Send an email to the courier company below to collect the donation from you. Your email needs to have the following information: 

  • Your physical address, so they know where to collect from
  • Tell them that your collection is going to Dance Donation in Cape Town
  • Use the Dance Donation account number in the subject heading of your collection request email. Our account number for THE COURIER GUY is DAN4CO

We will pay for the courier, not you.

3. Use this direct email address for your collection, for all Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban collections


The Dance Donation account is automatically set to deliver your donation directly and only to Dance Donation, as speedily as possible.

From there, we will record your donation, match it to the dancewear requests received and distribute it to the relevant dancers in need.

I would like to receive a donation. How do I request this?

Visit the Request a Donation” page on our website and follow the prompts. Remember that we record and manage donation requests in a chronological (date) order, which means that dancers who asked for something first, will be the first to receive the item/s when the relevant donation is received by us. Whilst we will always try our best to meet your requests in full, this is always dependent on the nature and quantity of dancewear items that have been donated to us. 

Do donated items need to be cleaned?

Yes, please. We ask that any dance wear items are as clean as possible and free from irreparable damage and bad stains.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Whilst we are a non-profit organisation, and a registered Public Benefits Organisation (PBO), we do not qualify as a Section 18A category and are therefore unable to provide receipts for financial donations received. Please ensure that you manage your tax liability for your financial donation.

I don't have any dancewear or dance shoes to donate, but would like to financially support THESE dancers, how can I do this?

Visit the “Donate” section of our website and follow the prompts. You can make a once-off or recurring donation via Payfast (accepts all debit and credit cards) or via the Dance Doantion PAYPAL account. Alternatively, you can do a bank transfer (EFT) directly into our bank account. Our bank details are: Dance Donation | FNB | Business Account |  Account number 62858759221

No amount is too small.